Do you offer discounts to the military or nonprofits?
We only offer discounts to college bookstores and AP members. No other discounts are available.
College bookstores and AP Members can order the AP Stylebook at $16.75 a copy
For information on qualifying for the college bookstore wholesale rate, click here. For information on qualifying for the member discount, click here.
Subscribers to AP Stylebook Online do not qualify for a discount on the print edition.
The Associated Press also provides discounts on the AP Stylebook Online to AP members.
Members pay $16, not the regular $26, for an individual subscription to Stylebook Online. Check out regular rates and member discounts for site licenses here.
Customers renewing their Stylebook Online subscriptions are eligible for renewal discounts. Check out the renewal discounts for site licenses here.
Returning customers must enter the renewal discount code on the right side of the Stylebook's secure order form to receive this discount and to apply payment to an existing account.
AP does not offer any discounts on the Stylebook Mobile app.
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