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AP Stylebook Online
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AP Stylebook Online takes everything you love about the Stylebook -- A-Z guide to usage, spelling and punctuation -- and adds Internet functionality to make it an even more convenient tool.

Blanket site licenses provide the ability to access AP Stylebook material (along with your custom entries) via the Web without the need for individual login accounts. You provide us with your broadcast IP range (the IP addresses that will access the site) and we set up a custom URL for your access, such as:

As AP updates its style throughout the year, users can get email updates and check the new entries and recent changes section online.

Search functionality makes it easier to find all listings relevant to your query. Use simple or advanced searches to find style listings along with your custom style entries

Subscribers can submit questions via Ask the Editor and search thousands of previously answered questions in the archive. Ask the Editor has more listings than the Stylebook itself.

Pronouncers include phonetic spellings of hundreds of words and audio files so you can hear the right way to say names in the news.

The Media Law Guide offers journalists a framework for understanding some of the legal questions commonly encountered in news gathering and publishing.

Stylebook Online rates are based on the number of users, with pricing available either for named users or concurrent users. The price per user decreases with more users and can be more affordable than hard copy books.

AP members with a valid MDM code or AP Billing Account Number qualify for discounted rates.

Returning Stylebook Online subscribers qualify for discounts on renewals. You can also find your renewal discount code on your site license's account manager page, and in your renewal reminder emails.

Sign up for automatic annual renewal and save 20 percent your first year – plus 20 percent off your discounted renewal rate every additional year you continue to subscribe. It’s the most affordable way to stay in style.

You will gain access via an account activation email following your order receipt. Your one-year subscription starts when you activate your account.

Site licenses save you money, as the price per user goes down the more users you have. For example, save $5 per user with a 10-pack site license compared to the individual subscription rate.

Concurrent-user Site License Pricing

Users General Orders AP Members
First Year Renewals First Year Renewals
Up to 10 $275/year $220/year $156/year $94/year
Up to 25 $545/year $436/year $312/year $187/year
Up to 50 $1,100/year $880/year $624/year $374/year
Up to 100 $1,910/year $1,525/year $1,092/year $655/year
Up to 250 $4,775/year $3,820/year $2,730/year $1,638/year
Up to 500 $9,555/year $7,644/year $7,644/year $6,155/year
Up to 1,000 $16,380/year $13,104/year $13,104/year $10,433/year
Up to 2,000 $32,760/year $26,208/year $26,208/year $20,966/year
Up to 5,000 $81,900/year $65,520/year $65,520/year $52,416/year

If you prefer to subscribe just for yourself, as opposed to for several users, learn more about individual subscriptions.

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